As Kral Bakery Products family, we are taking it as our duty to find the most suitable products and solutions in the “Bakery Products Manufacturing and Sales” business by acting in full compliance with Quality and Food Safety Management System Standards. The basic principles of our quality policy in the sector are as below:

  • To embrace and apply the approach of employing qualified and informed personnel at every level, to provide training activities periodically for the purpose of improving personnel’s knowledge and skills level, thus improving our efficiency in services and quality.
  • To make requirements-driven progress reputably, to manufacture safe, quality food under hygienic conditions taking good manufacturing practices, good hygiene practices, and nature consciousness as a mission.
  • To understand our customers’ expectations by communicating with them effectively, to achieve our goals taking customer satisfaction as a mission.
  • To extend our areas of activity and offer our customers innovations, to sustain continuous improvement at all levels going beyond our existing state.
  • To act in full compliance with our Quality Management Systems, which has made us a pioneer corporation in the Food sector, by also integrating Health-Safety & Environment Systems, and to make our best to enhance their efficiency.